Cockroach Theatre Company is casting two roles for its season production Still Dance the Stars; a new play by Jayme McGhan, directed by Marcus Weiss.

A hilarious, touching, and highly theatrical story about the struggles of love in the face of unthinkable loss- told through the actions of breakdancing plush toys.

The Cockroach Theatre Co. production is part of a rolling premier which has already seen a production in Chicago at Chicago Dramatists, to be followed by a production at Yellow Tree Theatre in Minneapolis, receiving a final premier in Las Vegas. These roles are non-paid.


Two roles are available:


James - lead, 30’s. Anne’s Husband. (vulnerable; covers up with biting humor, verbally nimble)


Clayton - supporting role, late 50-60’s. James’ Father. (some ability to move preferred. Mechanic, recovering alcoholic, simple, grounded, tangential thinking)

Clay the Crocodile- A Crocodile. Played by the same actor as Clayton.

Auditions will be reading from sides (find link to audition sides below). There is no need to prepare a monologue; just be familiar with audition sides.

Auditions are Wednesday evening, March 7th, 6:30-9:30PM and are as follows:

Actors reading for Clayton/Clay the Crocodile- 6:30-8:00PM

Actors reading for James- 8:00-9:30PM


Auditions are held at:

Art Square Theatre (home of Cockroach Theatre Company)

1025 S. First St. #110

LV, NV 89101


Please call or text message director Marcus Weiss with any questions @ (702) 249-6400.


Audition side for James:



Audition side for Clayton: