Series 2-- Scenes and Monologues


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Tuesdays 11:30AM-1:30PM, Apr.18 - May. 30, 2017

Series 2 is the second class in this successful series of intensive acting classes from one of Las Vegas’ most respected theatre companies. Series 2 will expand upon the work that was covered in Series 1, Language in Action, and dive into deeper explorations of the individual student’s needs with a rigorous practical application of the tools of the craft. (See complete cirriculum below.)



Students pay $150 for a 6-week commitment. Drop in courses may be available in limited quantity (see details below).

Only 10 students will be allowed to register for this class. All non-refundable payments must be made in full to secure your spot in class. 


Class max is 10 students.
A registered student forfeits their place in class that day if not in the building and signed in by 11:30am. They may stay and watch, but the participation slot will be given to a standby 
drop-in student.

The course duration is 9 weeks to allow for make-up classes.
If a registered student attends all 6 weeks and wants to attend the final week they may add them at a discounted rate of additonal $15. 

Drop-in is allowed for $30/ class. At 11:30am it will be determined if a participation slot is available due to the no-show of a registered student. Drop in students may participate in the 11:00-11:30am warm up free of charge. Auditing without participation is allowed for drop-in students for $15/ class.


Series 2- Scenes and Monologues cirriculum:


Series 2 will use the foundational work of analyses and rehearsal room phases of acting and get into the complexities of performance visive developing the honed instinct, open fields of awareness, captivating and creative choices, and personal investment in building a character.  Through partnerships with fellow students, the actor will create compelling interpretations of complex scenes every class session for the first 6 weeks. The final three weeks will explore the monologue with students working on their feet with memorized pieces each class session. Various tools from Series 1 will be explored based on the individual needs of the students including: 


  • Arc 
  • Breath and Grammar
  • Pitch, Pacing, Rythm, and Intensity
  • Thought Beats
  • Motivating Change
  • Image
  • Point of View
  • Perspective Paraphrasing
  • Creating "TextUre"
  • Physicality of Vocality
  • Making Powerful Choices
  • Actor Values/ Character Stakes
  • Personal Commitment to Character Choices
  • Increasing Tactical Range
  • Leaning Into Conflict
  • Meisner Repetition
  • Shifts in Power Dynamics
  • Essential Nature in Relationships
  • Acquiring Vulnerability through Listening



This class is subsidized by the theatre to keep the rate low and enrollment is restricted to ten people so that every student works intensively everyday. SIGN UP NOW! This class fills up quickly. 


Series 1 is not a prerequisite for this class if you have a solid understanding and practice of script analyses and objective-based acting. If you are unsure if you would fit that description, start with Series 1 for a strong exploration of text work and expansive fun with likeminded and motivated peers.